Jump In, The Water Is Fine

Priority Express now offers Pool Distribution Services to points throughout Iowa. Each and every day we provide overnight and second day delivery to 100% of the cities and towns in Iowa, 90% of which are overnight.

We, at Priority Express, understand that your business relies on a dependable scheduled distribution of your product to your customer. It is a value added service that many times is the edge that you need to put your company ahead of the competition. By tendering your Pool Distributions to Priority Express, you are assured that your customer will receive his/her product in a timely and reliable manner.

Our distribution system keys in on the largest and most centrally located cities in the state to operate as hub locations. Each of these cities is interconnected with nightly linehauls which are fed from our Des Moines facility. Each Hub operates a system of "spoke" routes, which blanket nearly the entire state, daily.

When you call Priority Express with a Pool Distribution inquiry, one of our Account Executives will take the information that you provide, and present it to a work group which will begin to formulate a Program to address your needs. There may be a requirement for additional information, and we may contact you several times to assure that we are addressing all of your needs, but within a matter of days, we will be able to present your company with a proposal which will address your unique requirements.

Once a proposal is made and accepted, Priority Express will be able to move quickly to implement the Program. Our goal will be to make the transition as easy as possible for your company and as seamless as possible for your customer. As we implement the Program, we will follow up with telephone inquiries as to our performance, and "tweak" the Program where necessary to address any problems. Within days, we would expect that the Program will be up and running to the satisfaction of both you and your customer.

Priority Express is committed to providing Value Added Services to our Customers, and we will take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that we do so. When it comes to Pool Distributions, don't find yourself "treading water." Call Priority Express at 515-564-1400 and rest assured that your product will "flow" into your Customers' hands.